Special session 10:

XR platforms for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles operations 

A proper integration of operations carried out by UAVs in the controlled and uncontrolled airspace requires a clear vision of aerial traffic and an accurate management of emergency situations. Endsley defined situation awareness as “the perception of elements in the environment within a volume of time and space, the comprehension of their meaning, and the projection of their status in the near future”.

Extended reality can provide tools for both offline planning of UAV operations and for real-time support during the mission. In the latter case, it is essential to provide the pilot with real-time information on airspace in terms of environmental, contextual, regulatory, safety, security and access constraints.

Organized by:

Valerio De Luca

Università del Salento, Italy

Valerio De Luca is research fellow at University of Salento, where he obtained a PhD in Information Engineering in 2014. He is an expert in high-performance computing and video streaming networks. Since 2015, he works with the Augmented and Virtual Reality Laboratory (AVR Lab), where he is involved in projects on human-computer interaction, virtual and augmented reality for medicine, e-learning, cultural heritage. He recently worked also on GPU computing, with application to optimal UAV path planning, and on augmented reality for improvement of situation awareness in UAV remote control.


contact: valerio.deluca@unisalento.it

Claudio Pascarelli

Università del Salento, Italy

Claudio Pascarelli is a Mechanical Engineering and a XR enthusiast. He spent six years at the University of Salento in R&D projects on Product Lifecycle Management, and related technologies, for the aerospace and oil & gas sectors. He has been the CORE Lab coordinator in the VMAN project that analyzed potential benefits from the integration of VR and AR with Computed Aided Technologies (CAx) in design and manufacturing. Since 2019 he leads the Cyber-Physical Systems’ Laboratory (CPS Lab) one of whose research areas is the development of IT solutions to support UAVs’ operations.


contact: cluadio.pascarelli@unisalento.it