Special session 5:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for XR

Using AI/ML to add intelligence to XR can enhance the XR experience in many ways. The combination of these two technologies offers a number of new opportunities that can revolutionize the use of XR in a variety of use cases and real-world scenarios. AI is paving the way for better and unprecedented interactions and experiences with virtual content and environments. The goal of this special session is to bring together researchers from the fields of XR and machine learning to discuss the opportunities and challenges that arise from the integration of these two worlds.

Special session topics include but are not limited to:

  • Hands, body and object tracking
  • Environmental and spatial awareness
  • Affective analysis
  • Dialogue systems
  • AI agents as NPCs and virtual patients
  • Content generation (animations, levels, graphics and assets)
  • Behavioural AI
  • XR-AI for education
  • Adaptive learning in XR
  • Interactive XR for DL model training

Organized by:

Andrea Bottino

Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Andrea Bottino is Associate Professor at the Department of Control and Computer Engineering of the Politecnico di Torino, where he heads the Computer Graphics and Vision research group of the same university. His current research interests include Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Human Computer Interaction, Serious Games, and Virtual and Augmented Reality.


contact: andrea.bottino@polito.it

Francesco Strada

Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Francesco Strada is a Research Assistant at the Department of Control and Computer Engineering of Politecnico di Torino, where he collaborates with the Computer Graphics and Vision research group. His current research interests include Virtual and Augmented Reality for learning and training, Serious Games, Human Computer Interaction and the use of immersive technologies in collaborative scenarios.


contact: francesco.strada@polito.it

Antony Vitillo

New Technology Walkers, Italy

Antony Vitillo is a professional AR / VR developer. He has participated in the development of important virtual event projects (such as Venice VR Expanded, Jean-Michel Jarre live VR session and Welcome to the Other side, a virtual concert in Notre Dame organized by the city of Paris). He also developed the launch titles of two virtual reality headsets experimenting with cutting edge technologies. His blog, The Ghost Howls, is one of the best-known and most influential in the VR community.


contact: tonyvt@ntwalkers.it