Biometrics and IoT technologies for digital twinning, smart environments and XR applications


Abate Andrea F. Abate

Andrea F. Abate

University of Salerno, Italy

Cimmino Lucia Cimmino

Lucia Cimmino

University of Salerno, Italy


Biometrics has been involved in a wide range of application contexts, such as automatic person recognition/identification, crime prevention, emotion recognition and sentiment analysis.

In recent times, with the disruption of Information and Computation Technologies and Smart environments, the use of biometric data is regarding new digitalized sectors: health, education, tourism, industries, etc. Human physical and behavioral characteristics can become a powerful tool in the development of ever more cutting-edge extended reality systems. This fascinating new world finds a kind of digital twin/multi-faceted clone also in the now popular Metaverse. The addition of biometric, emotional, social, machine learning, and other capabilities to IoT/E environments and their embodied cyber agents, is opening a landscape of previously unimagined opportunities.

The workshop aims to collect contributions from different solutions which apply biometric data and IoT technologies to enhance digital twinning, smart healthcare, smart environments, smart industries, extended reality, cyber agents, and metaverse.


Topics of interest can include but are not limited to:

  • Biometrics in digital twinning
  • Biometric data for extended reality
  • Healthcare applications
  • Industrial applications
  • Educational applications
  • IoT technologies in digital twinning
  • Multi-biometrics systems
  • Biometrics and robotics
  • Metaverse