Special sessions have the main aim of creating a mini-workshop on a specific topic, where researchers working on the same issues can get to know each other, familiarize, exchange ideas and create cooperation.
Special Sessions are being developed by designated chairs.

If you, as an author, have a paper that could be included in one of these sessions, you may submit your paper selecting your favourite session. If the abstract is not selected for the session, it may be included in another part of the technical program.

To submit papers to the special session, follow the submission instructions for regular sessions, but remind to specify the special session to which the paper is directed.

If you are interested in organizing a special session, carefully follow the Guidelines available HERE.

List of Special Sessions

  1. Special Session #1: Extended reality to promote mental health

    Organized by: Giulia Brizzi, IRCCS Istituto Auxologico Italiano

  2. Special Session #2: Machine Learning tools for Adaptive Extended Reality

    Organized by: Andres Bustillo, Álvar Arnaiz-González, Universidad de Burgos, Spain, Aida de Haro-García, Universidad de Cordoba, Spain

  3. Special Session #3: eXtended Reality Tools for Virtual Restauration of Cultural Heritage

    Organized by: Laura Corchia, University of Salento, Italy, Bruno Rodríguez-García, University of Burgos, Spain

  4. Special Session #4: From offline processing to online bio-adaptivity in XR environments

    Organized by: Javier Marín-Morales, Maria Eleonora Minissi, Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain, Giovanni D'Errico, Politecnico di Torino, Italy, Giulia Pellegrino, University of Salento, Italy

  5. Special Session #5: eXtended Reality and serious games for preoperative planning and surgical training

    Organized by: Emanuela Marcelli, Laura Cercenelli, University of Bologna, Italy, Valerio De Luca, University of Salento, Italy

  6. Special Session #6: Extended Reality for Enhancing Cultural Heritage Accessibility

    Organized by: Eva Pietroni, ISPC - National Research Council, Italy, Carola Gatto, AVR Lab - University of Salento, Italy

  7. Special Session #7: The role of eXtended Reality and Artificial Intelligence in Digital Humanities

    Organized by: Roberto Pierdicca, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy, Marina Paolanti, Università di Macerata, Italy, Carola Gatto, AVR Lab - University of Salento, Italy

  8. Special Session #8: The Experience of XR technologies and the role of sense of presence in the study, influence and education of behavior

    Organized by: Stefano Triberti, Raffaele Di Fuccio, Università Telematica Pegaso, Italy, Valerio De Luca, University of Salento, Italy, Giovanni D'Errico, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Special Session Proposal Submission

Are you interested in organizing a special session?

Please, contact the Technical Program Chairs, using the form at this page:

Guidelines for Special Sessions

The purpose of Special Sessions is to provide a more interactive and focused platform for presenting and discussing new and emerging ideas. The format of paper presentations may include oral and poster presentations.