Conference Venue

The STUDIUM 2000 BUILDING, which will host the Salento XR Conference, is home to the “Teodoro Pellegrino” inter-faculty library, which currently has a library collection of around 250,000 monographs.
In the Studium 2000 complex there is the MUSA – Historical-Archaeological Museum of the University of Salento with an exhibition in five rooms documenting the results of research carried out in Salento and other Mediterranean regions by historians and archaeologists from the University of Lecce.
Another building houses the Centre for Papyrological Studies, an institution that promotes research in the academic sphere.
Classrooms, exhibition spaces, conference rooms and more in the city centre.


The complex of buildings is connected to the former Olivetan Monastery, a former glory of Lecce built between 1171 and 1174 and now entrusted to the University of Salento. The inner cloister, dating from 1559, is embellished by a canopied well supported by Corinthian twisted columns by master Gabriele Ricciardi.

Every year, the Monastery and Studium 2000 host the ERN-Apulia (European Researchers’ Night) event. It is a way to learn about and participate in the history of the discoveries of Apulian researchers.